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You've probably never heard of it, but the prized Chiuri butter is a strictly vegetable ghee (butter), coming from the mountains of Nepal and used for millennia by the Chepang populations for its nourishing and emollient characteristics. We thought it was the perfect ingredient for our own line of natural cosmetics , because very rich in phytosterols , molecules with a strong character re-epithelizing and soothing action , in the presence of dry skin attacked by external agents.

In the line of natural cosmetics with Chiuri Butter we have developed a daytime face moisturizing cream , rich but quickly absorbed and a anti-wrinkle night face cream , very nourishing, which deeply hydrates even the most mature skin. There Body cream it will surprise you because it is one body moisturizing cream which really has a prolonged hydrating and soothing effect. There Hand cream it is certainly among the most loved hand creams, thanks to its easy absorption and the absolute absence of greasiness. We then completed the line with a fantastic Refreshing toothpaste in gel, extremely gentle on the gums, but effective in removing tartar and plaque. The Shampoo and the Balm they are much appreciated by those who suffer from dermatitis or itching caused by aggressive products that tend to dry the skin. The delicacy of the shampoo allows you to use it every day!

You have every good reason to try a product from the Chiuri Butter line!

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