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You would like to find out vital cosmetics, with active principles from effectiveness proven in the laboratory?
There Innovative line offers you a wide range of natural cosmetics , which put you, your health, your skin and your hair at the center.
We have selected Italian and organic phytocomplexes , to take care of your hair with natural shampoo and the best hair conditioner .
Even the ingredients for the natural hand cream and the organic lip butter , which you would always want with you, were chosen favoring those with a strong protective and emollient action.
While for ours natural deodorants the preference fell on ingredients with better efficacy and respect for the natural balance of your skin.
Self effectiveness And safety are equally important to you, in the line you will find innovative formulas, without sulphates, with delicate surfactants with high dermocompatibility, to pamper your skin delicately. All products are nickel tested and the ingredients used comply with the criteria sustainability , eco-friendliness , effectiveness and respect for animals.

With every small and pleasant daily gesture you can take care of yourself and your body, find out how, with the products of Innovative line !

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