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• Drainage of liquids: Burdock, Pilosella, Green tea, Gramigna, Chicory, Nettle, Asparagus, Lespedeza, Horsetail, Birch.


Burdock, Pilosella, Green tea, Gramigna, Chicory, Nettle (leaves and root), Asparagus, Sarsaparilla, Lespedeza, Horsetail, Birch*.

Orange juice: Orange is among the most widespread citrus fruits in the world. It contains several vitamins, mainly including vitamin C. It gives the product a pleasant, citrusy taste.

Lemon juice: The part of the fruit most used is the juice; contains citric acid, which gives a sour taste, and ascorbic acid (or vitamin C). It promotes digestive function and gives the product a citrus flavor.

Burdock: It is a herbaceous plant, whose leaves resemble the shape of a heart. The active ingredients are extracted from the roots, harvested in autumn. It has a purifying function, particularly at the skin level, promoting its well-being.

Piedhawk: Its properties make it useful and precious for promoting the elimination of body fluids.

Green tea: Camellia Sinensis is known as the tea plant because its active parts are used to prepare this drink. The extract obtained from the leaves has a draining function.

Gramigna: Plant of the Gramineae family, also known as wild wheat. It promotes the functionality of the urinary system, as well as contributing to the physiological drainage of body fluids.

Chicory: Its roots contain bitter substances, organic acids and fibers. It is a plant with multiple functions: it promotes digestive, hepatobiliary and intestinal transit functions; as well as promoting the drainage of body fluids.

Nettle: The leaves and stems of this plant are covered with hairs containing a nettle substance that the plant adopts for defensive purposes. It promotes the physiological purifying functions of the body and the drainage of body fluids.

Asparagus: It is 'famous' both for the characteristic odor that urine takes on after consumption. It promotes the drainage of liquids and the purifying functions of our body.

Sarsaparilla: Sarsaparilla is a plant native to South and Central America. It is used for its purifying properties, particularly on the skin.

Lespedeza: Plant that grows easily if grown in clay soil and in full sun. It is rich in flavonoids and tannins, and promotes the drainage of body fluids.

Horsetail: This plant is among the oldest organisms on earth, it is more primitive than angiosperms. Its active ingredients promote the drainage of body fluids.

Birch: It is a very resistant plant, it was used to make boats and shoe components, being waterproof. The extract derived from its leaves promotes the drainage of excess liquids and has purifying functions.

Recommended dose and method of use

1 measuring spoon of 25 ml per day diluted in a liter of water to drink throughout the day. Alternatively, dilute a 25 ml scoop in a glass of water, preferably in the morning before breakfast. However, it is advisable, during the period of taking the product, to drink plenty of water to help the body eliminate waste.


Each dose (25 ml) contains:

Orange juice 2,812 g
Lemon juice 2,812 g
Burdock e.g 187 mg
Pilosella e.g 187 mg
Vitexina app. 0.75 mg
Green tea e.g 187 mg
Catechins app. 94 mg
Gramigna e.g 187 mg
Chicory e.g 187 mg
Nettle leaves e.g 187 mg
Asparagus e.g 125 mg
Nettle root e.g 125 mg
Betasitosterols app. 0.5 mg
Sarsaparilla e.g 125 mg
Lespedeza eg 125 mg
Flavonoids app. 5 mg
Horsetail e.g 125 mg
Silica app. 1.25 mg
Birch e.g 125 mg
Hyperoside app. 3.125 mg