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Strong performance


Food supplement consisting of a mixture of various types of Cordyceps sinensis, with Rhodiola rosea, Chromium and Magnesium, useful for promoting cellular oxygenation and recovery, increasing and optimizing physical performance

Health purposes:

Thanks to the precious properties of Cordyceps sinensis from Aloha Medicinals, Performance Forte has a tonic and metabolic support action, helping to regulate hormonal production and is particularly suitable as a supplement to the athlete's nutrition, as it promotes physiological physical resistance and mental and helps reduce the feeling of fatigue, improving the production and use of energy. Indicated both for professional and master athletes, and for anyone who wants a new generation integration for support and increase one's sporting performance both aerobic and anaerobic.

Performance Forte effectively contributes to increasing the production of cellular ATP by 30% and the use of oxygen at the mitochondrial level by 40%, fundamental processes for good cellular oxygenation


  • Cordyceps sinensis Aloha's Mix
  • Rhodiola rosea extract
  • Magnesium gluconate
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide

Component Properties:

Cordyceps sinensis Aloha's Mix : Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom native to the Himalayas which numerous studies have shown to be extremely powerful as a tonic-adaptogen, in particular for promoting respiratory, circulatory and sexual health. In trained athletes it has been shown to increase the testosterone/cortisol ratio after physical activity, promoting anabolic action and counteracting overtraining syndrome as well as increasing endogenous antioxidant substances. It is useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases and in general to improve respiratory capacity and oxygenation. Cordyceps extracts have been shown to inhibit tracheal contraction and exercise bronchoreactivity, improving oxygen flow to the lungs. In athletes, it helps to increase muscle mass and reduce post-workout inflammation, increases energy production, reduces the feeling of fatigue and speeds up recovery after effort by improving ATP production and optimizing the use of energy. 'oxygen. The increase in cellular energy is not linked to the stimulation of the nervous and adrenal system, but to the improvement of aerobic cellular metabolism and therefore of usable energy. It has also been shown to improve the elimination of lactic acid after physical exertion.

Rhodiola rosea extract: adaptogenic plant that exerts a toning action on the nervous and muscular system with different mechanisms of action. Scientific studies have shown that Rhodiola is able to improve the production of biogenic monoamines such as serotonin, up to 30%, dopamine and norepinephrine at the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus level. Reduces fatigue and physical stress, improves attention and concentration; at a muscular level it promotes protein synthesis, increases the levels of ATP and creatine phosphate and the level of beta endorphins, with an increase in the perception of well-being and greater resistance to prolonged effort.

Magnesium gluconate: it is a form of magnesium chelated with gluconic acid with higher bioavailability and intracellular absorption. Magnesium is essential for the functioning of many enzymes, for the control of the synthesis of nucleic acids, of proteins involved in the Krebs cycle and in oxidative phosphorylation. Its deficiency is related to symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, neuromuscular hyperexcitability, muscle cramps, nervous tics, tremors, tension and anxiety. Located at the intracellular level, it regulates the transmission of impulses between brain cells and from nerves to muscles and organs. It regulates muscle contraction, increases the concentration of oxygen at the heart level and regulates its rhythm. In athletes it becomes fundamental both for its action at a muscular level and because it promotes energy production at a mitochondrial level.

Chromium picolinate: Chromium is involved in the maintenance of basal insulin concentrations and glycosylated hemoglobin levels, in the reduction of total and LDL cholesterol concentrations. In athletes undergoing training, it optimizes muscle growth, improves body composition, promoting the loss of fat mass. In athletes it improves muscle anabolism as it promotes the entry of amino acids into muscle cells, the cellular use of sugars and the storage of glucose in muscle cells in the form of glycogen.

    How to use:

    3 capsules a day preferably between meals. We recommend the simultaneous intake of vitamin C, which promotes the enteric absorption of polysaccharides.


    70 acid-fast capsules DRcaps

    Notes: GLUTEN FREE

    PlaySure Play Sure-Doping Free certified product

    inserted in the register of integrators: code 49308

    Paraf. Code: 8059173430147

    Cordyceps sinensis Aloha's Mix 1580 mg
    Rhodiola rosea 212 mg
    Magnesium 128 mg 34%
    Chrome 116 mcg 290%